“I can’t recommend Dave and Optimalife enough. At first I thought the process of getting insurance was far too daunting. So many options, so many providers, and SO much fine print!

Dave was able to cut through the red tape, listen to what we wanted and needed, suggest relevant options, and make sure we knew what was going on. A personal and professional service, that means we are sorted for all possible bumps in the road.

Great to know that if something unfortunate were to happen, Dave is only a phone call away, and we won’t be facing the problems alone.”

James and Hayley


“David was awesome while setting up my insurance policy and handling the nitty gritty when it came to making a claim. He made the process easy, all I had to do was fill out my side of the paperwork and everything else was taken care of for me.
Thanks David!”



“Fantastic service, Dave made it easy to understand everything and really listened to our needs.


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