Whats your plan for Retirement? How much will you have to play with?

Are you signed up for KiwiSaver and receiving your employer and govt contributions?

If you already have KiwiSaver, do you know what fund you are in? Are you in the right fund which is making the most of your money? How much are you contributing and what will it be worth/will that be enough when you retire?

David is an accredited adviser for the Generate KiwiSaver fund. Generate are an award-winning, NZ owned and operated, #1 Performing KiwiSaver Scheme which he himself trusts with his own KiwiSaver fund (The Focussed Growth Fund if you are asking which fund in particular, as this boasts the best return in the long run).

The easiest way to join or transfer your fund to Generate is to click here to join. Complete your details and upload a copy of your photo ID and you will be up and running with Generate very soon. Click here to join.


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