Optimalife offer personalised Life Insurance and KiwiSaver services for New Zealanders, who want to have a plan in place that suits their needs best. Having a young family and small business of his own, David understands those in a similar situation but enjoys helping everyone he meets, by adding value where he can.

Born and bred in Canterbury, David Pottinger completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree at Canterbury University before enjoying a 5 year OE in the UK and Germany, where he met his wife Kylie!

While they missed the worst of the Christchurch earthquakes they returned home to experience many aftershocks, and help out with the recovery. David working as a project manager helping people through the rebuilding process getting many families back into new homes.

When the project was completed, David decided to follow his dream of running a successful small business. From the experience gained through the earthquakes, it showed how important having a plan in place for such worse case scenarios was and found it to be a natural progression from Project Management to becoming a Risk Adviser, and Optimalife was born.

David is very proud of his wife Kylie and little son Oli and they hope to expand the family soon. They are keen on healthy living and enjoying the outdoors. David still plays rugby for Diamond Harbour although admits he is too old for it. He is passionate about helping people and genuinely wants the best for everyone he meets.

Optimalife is here to protect you, and your family, by providing personalised robust plans to suit your needs now and making adjustments as they change over time, we will be with you every step of the way.

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